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Why Rhinomax is perfect for exploring the Sunshine Coast (and beyond!)

Rhinomax campers were designed on the Sunshine Coast with the purpose of providing adventurers an easy, comfortable and practical way to explore the Australian coast and outback. Each model is 100% off-road capable and tows behind most 4WD’s with ease.

Because of their clever design and lightweight construction they are very well suited to beach getaways making gems on our doorstep such as Noosa’s North Shore, Double Island Point and the world-famous Fraser Island easy to access and the perfect weekend getaway.

Built tough to withstand the harshest environments these off road hybrid campers are tough enough to take you off the beaten track and traverse even the trickiest terrains. Allowing you to explore the pristine hinterland surrounding the Sunshine Coast such as Kenilworth, Woodford or Yandina, often getting you to areas shared only with the local flora and fauna.

These campers have been put through their paces all over Australia. Whether it be the dirt roads of the Simpson Desert, the rough corrugations between Chambers and Finke or the stunning Bloomfield track in Daintree up North they’ve had just about everything you could imagine thrown at them and more.

Whether you’re camping solo, a couple or taking the whole family, just looking to get away for the weekend or the whole week, staying local or wanting to see the entire country, there’s a Rhinomax hybrid that will get you there.

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