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What is a Hybrid Camper

Whether you’re a veteran of the RV scene or you’re looking at getting your first caravan or camper trailer it’s likely that you’ve heard the tag line ‘Hybrid Camper’. It’s getting thrown around a lot these days but what does it actually mean, what is a Hybrid Camper?

Often when travelling and touring there is a crossroad in the buying process that can separate people and limit the type of touring achievable. Do you go for the comfort and luxury of a caravan? Or the ease of towing and accessibility of a camper trailer or slide-on? Both have their pros and cons, but at the end of the day it can feel like a compromise.

Seeing this as an opportunity Rhinomax developed a range of Hybrid campers to combat this issue by combining the best aspects of both caravans and camper trailers to create an impressive, versatile and practical product ideally suited for the great Australian outdoors.

With their spacious interiors, easy towing, convenience in setting up, self-sufficiency and ability to take your camper with you when you hit the beach or FWD tracks to camp in otherwise inaccessible spots it is easy to see why Hybrid Campers are becoming the ‘new way to travel’.

Towing Experience

Anyone that’s towed a caravan or trailer before knows that getting from home to your destination can be over half the battle. Negotiating busy city streets and tight corners, often followed by hours on the highway. All the while dragging what can feel like a fuel guzzling parachute before negotiating some rough corrugated roads and off-road tracks praying that the whole thing doesn’t fall apart from the vibrations.

One of the big advantages of a Hybrid Camper over a typical caravan is how it tows, the improvements in this area are down to a few key features:

  • Independent trailing arm suspension;
  • Narrow width of under 2m (say goodbye to ugly extra wide mirrors);
  • Pop-top roof for low travel height/centre of gravity;
  • The use of high strength/light weight construction materials;


Increased fuel economy is also a benefit of towing a hybrid the image above shows the front profile of our Discovery MK2 behind a Prado 150 (4 cylinder 3.0L Diesel) and the fuel efficiency achieved at highway driving, reduced fuel costs means more dollars in your pocket.

As well as being great on-road hybrids excel off-road, following in the wheel tracks of your car, with great ground clearance and with a low profile you’ll be able to tackle soft sand, tight overgrown bush tracks, creek crossings or rocky corrugations and potholes without breaking a sweat. This is the camper trailer part of the family shining through.

Ease and Practicality of Setup

Whether you’re setting up camp for the week or having a quick nap on the side of the road a Rhinomax Camper is your best friend. The level of setup can vary from simply opening the door and crawling into bed, to setting up a fully enclosed awning to provide a large protected entertaining area for family and friends. Whatever your setup goals everything has been designed to be easy and practical, taking the hard work away from your holiday. Packing away is also just as easy, say goodbye to wet canvas and throw away the tent poles you’ll be ready to make tracks before you’ve finished your morning coffee.

Comfort and Security

This is the caravan half of the Hybrid Camper, once you’ve arrived at your destination you have your home away from home complete with all the creature comforts. As standard Rhinomax Campers come equipped with a particularly good setup including a queen size innerspring mattress, internal lounge seating, hot and cold running water, solar powered electrical systems (12V and 240V), gas cooking, fridge freezer, shower and a toilet. All engineered to the highest industry standards with an emphasis on clean lines and a modern finish you’ll think you’re in a 5-star hotel.

The engineers at Rhinomax have an exceptional understanding of material properties offering a unique design that offers superior protection from the elements. Whether it be the scorching and relentless summer sun or the biting cold of an outback winters night. The insulated walls, roof and layered pop-top material provide a welcome buffer from the harsh Australian environment. The walls also provide the welcome security of lockable doors and windows for easy sleeping and securing your camp site when you’re off exploring or at the local watering hole.

Self-Contained or Plug In

With a Rhinomax Hybrid Camper there’s no need to limit your holiday destinations. Whether you’re looking to avoid the hustle and bustle of a busy camp site or you want to squeeze into the last available spot for the holidays, the trusty hybrid is once again willing and able. Designed to competently stand alone for a week or more with its on-board utilities you can say goodbye to the crowds one week then hook up your water and power to the local camp site the next. No longer limited to day expeditions or roads you’ll be able to fill the caravan club with envy about your hidden spots and adventures beyond the bitumen. You’ll be able to tag along with the camper trailer crew to hit up some rough tracks or take a leisurely glide along the east coast and look the part doing both. In fact the only place the hybrid looks out of place is in the garage (and yes it really will fit, ready and waiting for your next adventure).

Personalised Quality and Service

At Rhinomax we build all of our campers to order on the Sunshine Coast. Local skilled workers assemble the products from the highest quality Australian components and materials utilising the expertise of brands such as Vehicle Components, Evakool and Redarc. Because our campers are made to order we can customise to your specific travel needs and taste, interior colour options, bunk beds, cabin heaters or hanging space for your best dress… you name it and we’ll design it.

As a local family business we take customer satisfaction seriously, offering personalised advice for those still in the research stage of their journey and excellent after sales service to everyone proud enough to own a Rhinomax. For any further information please feel free to contact the team at Rhinomax on (07) 5309 6454, via or by visiting our social media on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. Factory tours can also be arranged with prior booking.

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