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With 40 years of camping experience behind us, we decided to move up in the camping luxury stakes and get ourselves a Hybrid caravan, as we still like to go off into the bush.

After a lot of research, we decided on the Rhinomax Discovery, as it was the best priced high spec Hybrid on the market. The deal was sealed for us when we requested some design changes which the Rhinomax boys also decided were worth doing – some are now standard spec’s on current models.

We highly recommend Rhinomax on their innovation and their first class after sales & support.

PS – Out on the road we get other very interested caravaners requesting a look through, taking photo’s etc., there is so much interest out there.

Peter & Alison

We collected our RhinoMax Discovery Hybrid in September 2015. We were recently asked why we chose this van and initially our response was value for money – we did a lot of research on hybrid vans and none came close to the features offered in this hybrid for the price. But on reflection, what really ‘sold’ us on the RhinoMax was the attention to detail and customer service provided by Andy and Steve. The first time we met them they spent the best part of three hours with us working up our needs so they could prepare a quote. They gave us ideas and information on their product and didn’t hesitate to design a bike rack for the front of the van that suited our particular needs. Once delivered the van met every one of our expectations and we have now travelled more than 12000 kms since taking delivery. We have taken the van back with a few warranty issues (some caused by user error, not builder error!) and every one has been rectified promptly by Andy and Steve. The customer service offered by the RhinoMax team is second to none. In short, we couldn’t be happier with our van and it gets a lot of attention everywhere we go. It’s a quick and simple set up/pack up and suits our needs perfectly.

Christine & Andrew

We are very pleased with our Discovery and the choice we made in going with Rhinomax. We came to the conclusion early on that the Discovery was definitely value for money in this area of the market, as price did form part of our decision. Also, the approach that Steve and Andy take to the build was also right for us, ie in starting out with a base spec and then fitting the van out to suit our particular requirements. We felt very much a part of the build. They are innovative and listen to what you want. Our experience with them in the after-sales area has also been good. Nothing but praise from these two happy campers.

Gary & Margaret

We purchased the first Discovery off the line after the initial demo model, and we haven’t looked back.  My initial encounter with Steve and Andy was at the Brisbane Caravan Show.  The respect they showed me as a female, on my own looking at off-road vans, where other companies were hardly giving me the time of day, was a great first impression.  It was obvious that they knew their stuff and were very passionate about all their creations.  

The campers are hand built at their factory and they, and the rest of the Rhinomax team, go out of their way to ensure that the end product more than meets customer requirements.  There is nothing else like this quality on the market, for even close to the price, and the after sales service is second to none.  They have always been available if we’ve needed advice regarding anything to do with the van and no question is too crazy. 

The Discovery has been all over Australia on many a different terrain, and has handled it admirably.  We loved it so much, we just bought a Scorpion too and once again the whole process has been excellent.  I would highly recommend the product and the team at Rhinomax, and it feels good to support a small Australian business.

Judith & Mark

Hi Andy, Steve,

As you are both aware, we have owned our RhinoMax Discovery for eight months now, finding the Discovery to be of the high standard we expected. Upon close inspection, we have noticed the excellent attention to detail used throughout, have attached a photo of one of the under-body welds, that is most impressive for an item normally out of sight. We appreciate the quality ergonomics design and the manufacturing techniques used throughout our Discovery. The way the Discovery has been appointed, along with the pre and post service you have afforded us has also been a pleasure.

With several kilometres on the clock now, most of them on hard going tracks, we have found the Discovery reliable and a pleasure to tow. Just as important, the Discovery’s facilities and outside access makes for an easy setup and is a pleasure to reside within. What may be of interest to you both is that we started off comparing our Discovery to other hybrids throughout our travels, though we now find the Discovery is the one being compared to. The interest in the Discovery’s and its popularity with others fellow travellers, combined with its quality makes the Discovery a pleasure to show off!

If the past is something to go with, we have a lot more happy days to follow.

Regards from “Happy campers”

Brett & Tina

Delighted with our new Rhinomax Discovery which has lived up to expectations. Most importantly our experience with Steve & Andy (ingenious problem solvers!), and their great team has been fantastic. Feel confident recommending Rhinomax to anyone contemplating an off road van.

Mary & John

We bought a RhinoMax Outback Warrior Off-road Camper Trailer, after considerable research on-line and visits to Gold Coast and Brisbane Camping and Caravanning shows. Finally, after all the research, attending camping shows, talking to numerous sales representatives, kicking tyres, pulling out drawers, comparing this with that, we decided the RhinoMax Outback Warrior was good value – and we have not been disappointed.

Jenny and John

Hey Steve, got the camper in one piece took it down to one of the local beaches over a few nights, had no problems setting up very easy actually, everything went very well, I am very happy with the trailer and the work that went into it, we have quite a few admirers and we don’t hesitate to send them your way.
Thanks very much for your service and I’ll keep in touch.

Thanks Brendan

When dealing with Rhinomax nothing is a problem for this team.
Great ideas, excellent service & support and a fantastic product.


Lance & Jenny

After many years running 4WD tagalong tours around Australia some with well known camper trailers in tow, we decided to go from a tent to a camper trailer. We decided on a Rhinomax Camper. We did require some design changes to fit our specific needs which were all done with no fuss. We would certainly recommend rhinomax campers to anyone looking for a well priced high spec camper with excellent backup and after sales service.

Dave and Sam

We are so pleased with the camper thanks for all your help getting the finishing touches done when we dropped on your doorstep. We have had plenty of comment from people saying how good the camper looks and Nat and I can’t praise it enough we are so glad that we choose to go with Rhinomax over the other high ends we looked at. And you two aren’t bad to deal with either and the workshop boys are great.

Terry & Nat

We have recently returned from a 6000km trip in our Scorpion. What a fantastic little hybrid camper this is. Don’t be fooled by its tiny size, this camper is oozing with features and comforts. Thing we love most about it is the ease and speed of the setup and pack up. We can be sitting back enjoying a cuppa whilst other people with traditional campers are still sorting out their ropes and poles. To be on the road in the morning literally takes minutes.

We were also very happy with how it tows and handles both on the freeway and over rough bush tracks. Due to the low profile and narrow width, fuel economy of the towing vehicle (Prado) was really good. For us the Scorpion ticks nearly all the boxes!

Congratulations to Steve, Andy all the team at Rhinomax for building such a great hybrid camper.

Pam & Eric

After researching and looking at camper trailers we made our decision to buy the Outback Warrior as it seemed to meet all our requirements and it was also in our price bracket. We found it good to deal with a small Australian company that treats you well and not just like another number and the customer service that we have experienced has been excellent. We would certainly recommend Rhinomax Campers to anyone looking for a good quality camper.

Alan & Helen

Hello Steve, Kerry here mate. I purchased a soft floor Ranger from Rhinomax approx. 15 months ago. Just a quick email to let you know how pleased Faye and I are with the camper. We have been on many weekend trips and one 3 week trip over the Vic High Country where the camper performed way above our expectations, handling the terrain with ease.

Kerry and Faye
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