What do our customers think of Rhinomax

Here at Rhinomax we believe that the recipe for success is simple, produce a good quality product and look after your customers. Our customers happiness is important to us and we are proud to be recognised as one of the industries stand out performers for customer service. Here is some of the feedback from our customers and there is lots more on our owners Facebook page.

Ali & Steve

It’s been a long wait, but we’ve now gone from the swag to our brand new Defender. Home today from a seven day road trip to pick up our Christmas present. So excited.
Katie, Ben and the team at Rhinomax were just great. Although I guess they do have a great product to work with. Let the journeys and the fun begin!


David & Nicky Strokrom

I must say we are extremely happy with our first shake down trip in our new Lost Trak. Only camper/ van we have ever owned that on our first trip everything worked. A seriously quality built product. Well done to everyone involved in the build at Rhinomax Campers.

Brenda Little

Etty Bay in August. Nothing like reversing around 3 corners and backing into this tight little spot when the manager accidentally books you into a baby campervan spot. Cooking sure was interesting, lol.
The Scorpion will take you anywhere!


Karen Brennan

Tonight we are camped beside the dry Paroo river at Wanaaring
After more than 300km’s of rough red dirt driving the Discovery is dust free…Very happy campers!

Nigel & Chris Welsh

First run on the beach at Moreton Island with the Scorpion! Very happy with it’s ability, we even drove around 2 other bogged vehicles with camper trailers in tow!

Pete & Luisa

Morning there, we’re on the road at last!!

We are spending the night in a quarry west of Haig alongside the transcontinental rail line – we had the pleasure of a freight train (or 6) pass by!!

The ‘rhinosaur’ is performing amazingly – she is so dust proof that there’s not a lot of house keeping happening!! there’s nothing we would change about her! Our travelling companions are impressed with her too!

On our way south from Sandstone after a tour of the goldfields and ghost towns on the way home.

Cheers from Pete & Luisa.


Lyn & Greg Flesser

A great week of off the grid bush camping, gradually making our way south to get on the boat for Tasmania. Stunning weather, lots of spring flowers, and peace perfect peace.

Nigel & Chris Welsh

Sneaky weekend away! Last minute decision on Friday evening, we were out the door and off in under half an hour. Quick setup with the Scorpion is awesome!

Tracy & Craig Marsden

The wait is over… our first trip in the Discovery!! An awesome weekend away and we are all in love!!

Dave Dawson

I think the best feature on our Defender is the ease of towing. We took a wrong turn coming in to Adelaide and went up, across and down the Adelaide Hills. A very narrow, steep, busy and scary route but our Rhino stuck behind us beautifully.

Kerryn & Rex Frederick

Thanks to the Rhinomax guarantee there’s not an ounce of red in the camper even after three weeks of outback roads…The outside however tells the story.
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Kris Lorraine

We have been fortunate to be able to use our Discovery in SA for a trip to the Gawler Ranges, Coodlie Park Farm, Googs track, Mt Ive and home via the Flinders Ranges. For anyone thinking of doing Googs Track – beware the track is narrow and the sand dunes have lots of “moguls” on the southern side with soft sand on top. Our Disco made it through pulled by a V8 without any trouble however we think a less powerful tug would struggle!! Hope everyone is keeping safe and well Cheers.

Judy & David Wilmot

Well we are now on our way back to Melbourne after collecting our new camper! We did about 2000kms after picking it up, testing everything on it. We bush camped and used the shower, enjoyed the heater on a couple of cold nights, enjoyed our electric roof, and proved we could spend all day together inside when we had 95mm of rain while camped in Maroochydore! We’ve now had our service and can’t thank everyone at Rhinomax, especially Ben and Troy, enough for their attention to the few queries we had. After setting everything up as we want it we are ready to begin our adventures. See you on the road somewhere.

Wilmot testimonial

Norm & Denise Oliver

We have just returned home after completing 18,342 kms. Our Discovery 2 has outperformed above and beyond our expectations. We completed the Great Central Rd from Uluru to Laverton in WA. On our return to Melbourne, we decided to travel the Anne Beadell Hwy (no highway, isolated and heavily corrugated track). In view of this being our baby’s maiden voyage, we were cautious, but pleased to report our findings.
We were extremely pleased to have the Webasto diesel heater. Our other great investment was the air bag assembly. The van was well sealed from dust and maintained a comfortable temperature. We also had so many people showing interest in the van. All locks on doors within the van remained in place considering the rough conditions.
We have no reservations in recommending the Discovery 2 to prospective travellers. Our after sales attention for minor issues has been above and beyond.
Thanks Rhinomax for producing a top hybrid van.

Oliver testimonial

Kim McBride

Just returned from the trip north I mentioned a few weeks back (Ruby Gap, Chambers Pillar etc,) and happy to report the maiden voyage of the Scorpion was a great success. If I’d known the state of the road from Chambers to Finke I might have baulked at going, but the Rhino stood up to the battering corrugations brilliantly. Now we’ve done it, I’m pretty confident it will handle pretty much all we’d ever ask of it! Although the corrugations were awful (described by the other 2 couples as worse than anything they’d experienced on The Gibb River road) the most “exciting” bit was a stretch of bull dust that couldn’t be driven around coming out from Chambers Pillar.
The other beaut thing about having the Rhino in a tag along with a Patriot and a CUB forward fold was, well, guess who was easily the first to be sitting in the chair with a frothy?!? It was almost embarrassing watching the other lads working! ( I got over it pretty quick!) My memories of set up after a long day with my forward fold quickly faded! Then of course, I could mention the morning pack up times as well, but I don’t need to preach to the converted!!
A great van, tough as nails and really comfortable. No more beanies, tracky dacks and jumpers to bed (really warm and again embarrassing explaining to the others some mornings that we actually needed to kick the doona off as we we were a bit warm!!). Soooo glad we’ve moved up to a Rhino.

Mcbride testimonial

Pam& Eric Faulkner

We have recently returned from a 6000km trip in our Scorpion. What a fantastic little hybrid camper this is. Don’t be fooled by its tiny size, this camper is oozing with features and comforts. Thing we love most about it is the ease and speed of the setup and pack up. We can be sitting back enjoying a cuppa whilst other people with traditional campers are still sorting out their ropes and poles. To be on the road in the morning literally takes minutes.

We were also very happy with how it tows and handles both on the freeway and over rough bush tracks. Due to the low profile and narrow width, fuel economy of the towing vehicle (Prado) was really good. For us the Scorpion ticks nearly all the boxes!

Congratulations to Steve, Andy all the team at Rhinomax for building such a great hybrid camper.

Faulkner testamonial

Peter & Alison Brown

With 40 years of camping experience behind us, we decided to move up in the camping luxury stakes and get ourselves a Hybrid caravan, as we still like to go off into the bush.

After a lot of research, we decided on the Rhinomax Discovery, as it was the best priced high spec Hybrid on the market. The deal was sealed for us when we requested some design changes which the Rhinomax boys also decided were worth doing – some are now standard spec’s on current models.We highly recommend Rhinomax on their innovation and their first class after sales & support.

Brown testimaonial

Mac & Jen McCallum

Just completed 12145k from Melbourne to the Kimberley via the Tanami, Gibb River Road, Kalumburu and Mitchell Falls. I think we sold at least 4 as we had a number of open houses to interested people who wanted to “discover’ the Discovery. From gorgeous sunsets and the exceptional horizontal falls to beer o’clock with people from all over Australia and the world and along some of the roughest roads we have travelled in over 20 years of four wheel driving the Rhinomax did it all. Happy campers ?

Macallum testimonial

John & Lucy McCreath

Picked up our Scorpion about three weeks ago now and have done a shake down trip ever since! Been to Inskip Point and Noosa North Shore for some beach camping then to NSW for some inland farm stay camps now slowly heading home to Adelaide tonight’s stay Orroroo free camp fantastic.

To the team at Rhinomax thanks a million for your ongoing support which we’ve needed along the way! Nothing has been too much trouble.

Mcreath Testimonial

Christine Blanchard

Our first big trip in the Rhinomax was to Uluru. We live in an amazing and beautiful country. It’s easy traveling knowing you are towing comfort behind you.

Blanchard testimonial

Anne Rendell

In Marla with coverage after taking the Rhino up from Adelaide through Woomera, Andamooka, Oodnadatta, Dalhousie and Mt Dare. Now heading to Arckaringa and then back through Coober Pedy to Gawler Ranges. Camper going really well  ?very happy campers

Rendell testimonial

Brett Granter

Wood is a must whist in national parks and easy with the supplied rack. Lockable front is easy and well designed,

Beat it up without an issue, corrugations and a few major potholes without it falling apart, it’s what we were looking for.

Granter testimonial

Craig Beamish

One of our camps during our trip from Vic to Rainbow Beach. We stayed at the wonderful Freshwater camping ground.
We have bunks in our Rhinomax and the kids use them on overnight stays. The swags come out for longer stays. We love our Rhinomax Discovery. It awesome to tow and very functional. Our family of four are very grateful.

Beamish testimonial

Ian Moyle

Travelled to central Australia this winter. Most people head to the West Macs but we also spent time in the East Macs – stayed at Trephina Gorge in the Panorama Campground – magnificent! Beautiful spot – great facilities.

Our Scorpion is called ‘Birni’, which means ‘rhinoceros’ in one of the Sudanese dialects. He’s tough as, like his namesake! He handled all the rough roads the territory threw at us.

Moyle testimonial