Our Commitment To A Sustainable Future

Here At Rhinomax We Are Campers

That means we love getting outdoors, into nature and are proud to be doing our part in reducing our carbon footprint and being economically and environmentally responsible as a company.

But that’s not where our commitment to sustainability ends, we’re committed to providing you the best possible experience, this means using high-end ethical componentry, which in conjuncture with your surrounding natural resources such as sun and water will help keep you off the grid longer.

Check out the various ways in which Rhinomax is committed to building a cleaner and more sustainable future for all, so that the special places we know and love remain that way for generations to come!

Achieving a trim wa(i)st(e).

Being a smaller, bespoke operator that sources local and builds in house wherever possible, we are able to operate a lot leaner than our bigger counterparts.
This translates into less wasted materials and reduces the impact of shipping miles on the Environment. 🌿


No Throwaway Culture Here

When we build something, we build it to last!
This translates into economic savings for you as it means less maintenance over the lifetime of your camper and environmental savings as less resources are required to service your Hybrid over its lifetime. 🦏



Being one of the most lightweight hybrid campers in Australia means less impact on your hip pocket when you fill up at the bowser due to our campers impressive fuel efficiency.
The image below shows the front profile of our Discovery MK2 behind a Prado 150 (4 cylinder 3.0L Diesel) and the fuel efficiency achieved at highway driving, reduced fuel costs means more dollars in your pocket.


Built For The Future

We design our campers specifically with the future in mind. 🛠🌿⚡️
The world is changing and the way in which we travel will be forever different with the advent and major uptake of electric vehicles.
Rhinomax has always had their finger on the pulse, years ago we acknowledged this shift and with that in mind we ensured our products would complement the next generation of sustainable, environmentally conscious vehicles.
With our entire range now powered by lithium power-plants as standard, paired with our all-new, advanced, intelligent electrical monitoring and management systems and impressive roof-top solar setups, our hybrid campers are being built for a very bright future.
Take a look at our blog post from this time last year and have a look at what we believe the future will look like, and why we believe Hybrid Campers are the ultimate EV companion. https://rhinomaxcampers.com.au/the-future-of-camping-towing/


Reduced Impact

All Rhinomax Campers are dedicated off-road hybrids, which means we achieve compact profiles in order to extend your off-grid adventures beyond the bitumen. 🌿
However that’s not the only benefit of the compact dimensions of our campers. Due to the reduced wind resistance our campers are extremely aerodynamic, translating into a reduced economic impact on you, and a reduced environmental impact on the great outdoors! 🌏
(Yes there really is a Scorpion 10ft Hybrid behind that Prado!) 🦏


No Need To Tap Into The Grid

2x 360 Watt Solar panels feed into your lithium batteries while you relax, topping up your power each day, allowing you to use all your high-energy-efficient appliances where ever you are! The Rhinomax RM Digital Command system puts control right at your finger tips allowing you monitor in real time your power consumption and charge levels. 🦏

Resource Aware

No matter how far you travel or how long you plan on staying off the grid, there is only so much water you can carry on board.
Our Creek Draw system allows you to draw water from an external source such as a billabong or creek. The system bypasses your water tanks and pumps directly to the camper’s sink and shower outlets, conserving precious drinking water and enabling you to extend your off-grid journeys. 💧💧


Conscious Componentry

Here at Rhinomax we promote environmentally conscious componentry across our range, such as the Nature’s Head Composting Toilets! 🌿🦏
Not only will this allow you to stay off-grid longer and are usable in National Parks, but they also provide a more environmentally friendly alternative than their macerator counterparts, with less moving parts, no chemicals or wasted water! 💦


Giving Back!

We’re engineers here at Rhinomax, meaning we’re solution orientated. So, when we see something that isn’t right our minds immediately go to work toward fixing the problem.
It’s what we pride ourselves in doing. 🌿🛠
Did you know?
The Black Rhinoceros was poached to the brink of extinction, thankfully through successful conservation efforts their populations have been brought back from the edge.
But they still need our help!
It is with great pride that we would like to announce our commitment to protecting the gorgeous animals, from which our namesake is derived.
From now on, we will provide the option of adopting a Black African Rhinoceros through the World Wild Life Foundation when you purchase one of our Rhinomax Off Road Hybrid Campers.
The pack includes a plush Rhino to join you on your off-road adventures as well as an adoption certificate and information regarding these handsome creatures! 🦏