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Scorpion 10ft Micro Hybrid - Review

Unshakable confidence – Decked out for long trips and offroading the Scorpion is a dependable battler that stays by your side no matter what.

There’s Rolls Royce DNA in there design and engineering standards, outback experience in their layout & packaging and good old Aussie guts and integrity in thier ethics.

John (Bear) Willis – Camper Trailer Australia

Discovery MK2 14ft Hybrid Review

Constructed from quality materials from the ground up, and combined with sleek modern looks.

The Discovery is a quality all Australian made hybrid off-road camper that combines a light tare weight and large payload so that you will be able to take what you want where you want.

Garry Tischer  – RV Daily

Disco RV review 1-2
Romping Rhino

Discovery MK2 14ft Hybrid - Review

Quality abounds in the range with former Rolls Royce engineer & Rhinomax partner Andy Dean bringing the manufacturing standard up to a superb presentation.

The Rhinomax Discovery MK2 is a finely crafted and superbly appointed hybrid with the tough Rhino guts to get you there and back again with confident ability.

John (Bear) Willis – Camper Trailer Australia

Defender 15ft Hybrid Review

Typical of Rhinomax, the Defender is a quality newcomer that does many things either better, or cheaper, than its main competition.

Quick and easy set-up is the name of the game with the Defender: drop down the stabiliser legs, wind out the awning and slide out the kitchen. With its automatic push button roof opening you’ll be set up with a glass of wine in your hand in minutes.

Michael Browning  – Caravan Camping Sales


Scorpion 10ft Micro Hybrid - Review

The Scorpion is a mid- to top-end camper that even the most adventurous camping couple would find difficult to ignore as a serious long-term contender, by virtue of the quality of its construction, the elegance of its design and the fine array of equipment. David Gilchrist – Camper Trailer Australia

Discovery 14ft Hybrid - Review

From top to bottom I have never seen a hybrid camper engineered and executed to the standard of the Rhinomax Discovery. This is arguably the most polished camper of its type on the market. It has almost three times the payload of the vast majority of campers on the road. Claire Wilson – Caravan + RV

scorpion benchmark

Scorpion 10ft Micro Hybrid - Review

The Rhinomax Scorpion is one of the biggest things in Australian camper trailers for many years.

Since entering the hyper competitive micro hybrid market in pre-production form in October 2015, this ‘mini’ from Maroochydore on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast has set the pace in terms of its package, quality and price.

The Rhinomax Scorpion stands apart in this growing, ultra-competitive market segment for its innovative design, combined with high quality construction and competitive price.

Michael Browning – Caravan Camping Sales

Discovery Hybrid - review 2015

With its combination of wanted features, high quality materials and construction, attention to detail and competitive pricing it deserves to be high on every potential hybrid buyers list.

Outback Warrior - Camper Trailer of the Year 2015 WINNER

Excellent engineering and a high quality finish are a winning combo in this all Australian hardfloor camper

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