Stand alone free camping

Equipped for extended stays off the grid

Independent with self generating energy capabilities, Rhinomax Campers have been equipped with the latest smart technology and packed with a host of features that enable you to get off the grid and away from the crowds.

Rhinomax have created a fully integrated power system for maximum performance and reliability including our new smart power management & control system paired with an advanced lithium power supply, allowing you to live off the grid for extended periods with the majority of your charging sourced from the sun.

All our campers also come standard with a comprehensive 240V power system suitable for off the grid use via the on board pure sine wave inverter or for when you have the opportunity to connect to mains power such as a powered campsite or via a generator.

With a large water carrying capacity and the ability to harvest water from external sources you can go further and stay longer.


Equipped with a comprehensive power system which follows three fundamental principles, (1) power input, (2) processing, storing and monitoring power (3) power output.

On this page we will explain how the system works and its benefits.

Input - Getting power

Designed for tapping into multiple power supplies, power can be obtained in a variety of ways dependent on your circumstances or needs and availability.

Solar power

All Rhinomax campers are fitted with high quality monocrystalline solar panels designed with the tough Australian terrain in mind and are able to handle Australia’s harsh conditions and extreme weather. With 340 watts of roof mounted solar power fitted as standard, and the ability to increase this capacity, along with remote solar connection points for portable panels or solar blankets, it’s an ideal way to charge your battery banks for free, harnessing the power of the sun.

Tow vehicle

Fitted with a 150Ah lithium power plant incorporating a Dc to Dc charger, all Rhinomax Campers have the ability to charge from your tow vehicle’s engine while underway. No matter whether the sun is shining, or you are travelling at night, you will always be able to get power into your batteries. Even if you are parked up and low on power just start your engine and the system will charge.

Mains power/Generator

Complete with a 40A AC charger and full 240V power system including a 15amp RV power inlet point, gives you the ability to charge direct from mains power or by connecting a generator directly into the inlet. This is great if you have been off the grid for a while and want to pull into a caravan park for a couple of days to freshen up and recharge.

Processing, storing and monitoring Power

The intelligent power management system regulates, processes and stores the power efficiently ready for distribution whilst monitoring and displaying the results on easy to read digital screen.

Rhinomax Smart power management & control system

Designed and developed in conjunction with leading marine engineers to provide users with full control and monitoring of on-board features such as battery status, power consumption, solar charge, water storage & lighting.

Utilising digital switching technology all electrical circuits are protected and can be controlled at the touch of a button from the on-board digital screen, your smartphone, or even traditional switches.

Reliability and simplicity have been combined with full automation capabilities to produce the optimal user experience.

The key features include:

  • Live monitoring of on-board power and water systems;
  • Direct control of electrical components such as the water pump, lighting and electric roof;
  • Intelligent automation modes for various scenario’s;
  • Simple and easy to use touch screen and mobile phone app;
  • Automation options for climate control and power management;


Lithium Power

With advancements in battery technology and the world moving to lithium power systems due to their Lightweight, high capacity, fast charging and longer lifespan, lithium has become one of the most efficient ways of managing your power.

All Rhinomax Campers now come standard with a150Ah lithium battery bank with built in DC to Dc charger, coupled with a 40Ah AC charger and energy efficient appliances used throughout, our campers are designed and capable of keeping you powered and off the grid for days or weeks at a time.

We realise that everyone’s individual power needs are different and depending on these requirements we also have various higher capacity Lithium battery options for those who have higher power usage requirements or need to use more high powered appliances such as induction cooktops, microwaves or even air conditioners.


All of our campers come with a generous amount of 12V and 240V outlets located conveniently throughout the internal and external of the van. The 12V outlets can be either USB, merit or accessory (cigarette lighter socket) style plugs depending on your individual preference. We can also fit additional outlets at a variety of locations to suit your specific electronic needs as well as Anderson style plugs to power a variety of accessories such as motorised jockey wheels.

The control panel and switches for the electronics of the van are conveniently located by the entrance door for easy internal and external access.

All of the lighting and electrical appliances fitted to our vans are high quality with a focus on energy efficiency, such as the use of LED lighting, fans with built in sleep timers and insulated fibreglass fridges with variable compressor speeds.


A good water system is essential for camping in comfort and extending your time off the grid.

Rhinomax Campers all come with a versatile expandable water system which has large storage capacity, mains connection capabilities, an energy efficient hot water service, water saving shower head & mixer taps and the ability to harvest water from an external source.

Water storage

Finding the right balance between carrying the right amount of water for your trip and yet not carrying an excess is important. Every litre of water is equivalent to 1kg and there is no benefit in carrying the extra weight if you don’t need it.

Instead of fitting the traditional 200lt – 300lt single tanks, Rhinomax fit a series of smaller tanks ranging from 85lt – 125lt. We only use baffled tanks which improves load stability whilst travelling instead of water sloshing around in a large tank. Multiple tanks are also plumbed in separately giving you the option to fill just one tank if going on a short weekend trip or filling all tanks for longer stays where water is scarce.

Mains connection

All Rhinomax Campers have the capability to connect to mains water – a great option if you have access to mains water or when you are at a caravan park or campsite. Connecting through a dedicated water pressure regulator which reduces mains water pressure to a safe level for the camper, you will never need to worry about any fittings getting blown off with high pressure mains water. A simple plug and play system – just connect your hose, turn on the tap and the regulator will do the rest.

External water harvesting

No matter how far you travel or how long you plan on staying off the grid, there is only so much water you can carry on board. With a Rhinomax you can extend your stay as all our campers come with an external water draw (creek draw) facility built in which gives you the ability to harvest water from an external source such as a creek, river, jerry can or bucket. Just connect your hose to the campers connection point, turn on the water pump and the camper will do the rest. Drawing the water from the external source, the system bypasses your water tanks and pumps directly to the camper’s sink and shower outlets thereby reducing the possibility of getting any contamination within the tanks. There are also various water filtration options available such as inline filters for removing any suspended solids and sediments such as sand etc.

Enjoy hot water wherever you go

Fitted with one of the best and most energy efficient hot water systems in the industry, the Truma UltraRapid enables you to have hot water on tap – day or night.

A powerful gas burner heats the water within a short time, when the water is hot you can take a long hot shower with ample time to soap yourself.

When the heater is running, water is continuously reheated while your showering, this means a second person can take a shower straight afterwards. Small and compact it also takes up very little space within the camper.

Water saving outlets

All Rhinomax Campers are fitted with high quality mixer taps and shower heads which work well and will last for years. The sink mixer taps are all made from durable chrome plated brass, are built to last and will give you trouble free service for years. With a water saving nozzle and a spout that rotates 360 degrees allowing you to fill water bottles or kettles easily.

Unlike the standard plastic shower box fitted to most caravans, Rhinomax Campers are fitted with a good quality mixer tap base unit and a highly efficient water saving shower head that has various settings.

You can set from power shower, which is great if you have plenty of water to trickle shower, if you need to conserve water. There is also an on/off button on the shower head for easy water control.