Driving excellence

Engineering & Design

Driving excellence with precision and expertise. Premium materials and expert engineering ensure they handle rough off-road journeys with ease

Intelligent Design

Leading the Way

Leading the way with smart design and advanced engineering, Rhinomax Campers has had a major impact on the industry. The first company to make use of fibreglass composite panel construction in the off road market and the first company to bring out a full length chassis along with a host of other innovative features, we now set the pace with a lot of the major players now following suit.

Distinctive good looks

The distinctive Rhinomax look sets itself apart from anything else out there. The aerodynamic front profile, sleek smooth sides, sharp clean lines & eco skeletal corner trims create a striking appearance and stand out from the crowd.

Lightweight and easy to tow with their reduced roof height, narrow body width and low centre of gravity, they are stable and sure footed on the highway and with a dependable chassis, high ground clearance and good departure angles they will handle the off road tracks with ease.

Designed with ease of use in mind Rhinomax Campers are quick and easy to set up, completely camp ready in under 10 minutes. Large external entertainment areas, heaps of storage and a spacious luxurious interior, this really is glamping at the highest level. Your biggest problem – you won’t want to go home!

Manufactured Without Compromise

Completely built in Australia

For over Ten years Rhinomax have been building without compromise, this means being 100% proudly Australian made. We start by sourcing the highest quality raw materials and components from industry leading Australian suppliers. Then we set to work with our team of highly skilled engineers and craftsmen who pride themselves on focusing on the best performance outcomes.


Cruisemaster all terrain suspension

Rhinomax Campers are fitted with Cruisemaster suspension considered to be the leading manufacturer in all terrain suspension technology. Its robust design allows you to tow your caravan wherever you want to go and has been well proven over the years even in the harshest off road environments.

Air suspension and disc brake options along with the ability to match wheels and hubs to your tow vehicle give you the freedom to decide how you want to control your ride.

Cruisemaster provide Australia-wide servicing and parts along with a five year warranty on all suspension systems. These suspensions are designed to get you where you want to go, without limits!


Full length chassis

Rhinomax chassis are all manufactured in house from Australian steel to our unique full length chassis design. For maximum strength full length 150mm x 50mm drawbar/chassis rails run from the hitch through to the very rear of the camper where there are twin recovery points. Within the heavy duty rails is our advanced integrated subframe for added strength and reduced weight.

Hot dipped galvanising ensures superior rust proofing while making it resistant to chips and scratches inevitable in the off road environment, and a lot more resilient than powder coating or painting which need to be continually re-coated. Backed up by our 5 year chassis warranty for peace of mind, you can have the confidence to go where you want.

Body Construction


Thermal lightweight body construction

Constructed from single one piece fiberglass composite body and roof panels this construction method offers enormous advantages.

All our panels are custom made for each camper (not mass produced sheets) with various structural points inserted where required for strength.

Walls and roof made from 30mm thick impact resistant panels with a high density closed cell foam core centre and no internal framing, they will not rot or go mouldy.

We use a specialised 16mm thick one piece fibreglass floor with a honeycombed matrix centre widely used in the boating industry for its superior strength. The honeycomb matrix gives the floor extra rigidity to ensure the structural integrity of the panels stays intact.

The result is incredibly strong panels resistant to shear, impact and compression forces, superior water resistance due to the high density core and interlocking bonded corners making them resistant to water and moisture penetration as well as providing excellent insulation keeping the inside cool even on hot days. All this while remaining extremely lightweight and durable.

Internal Cabinetry


Composite cabinet construction

The cabinets are constructed from composite panels made from PVC material which are screwed and bonded together eliminating the need for any plywood or rivets. This method ensures consistency in strength and density and the material does not absorb water unlike timber. They feature soft close drawer runners and high gloss fascias. All our cabinetry is constructed in house and precision cut using our CNC machine.

Plumbing & Electrics


Protected wiring & pipes

Unlike traditional caravans where the wiring and plumbing are exposed or hidden in the walls and difficult to access, Rhinomax does things differently.

For a start the only wires we run underneath the camper are the Anderson lead and trailer plug wire, and these are run inside the chassis rail for maximum protection.

Again, with the external gas and water pipes all of these are tucked up out of the way of potential stone damage.

We only use premium supplier John Guest fittings for our water systems along with locally sourced 12mm thick food grade high impact resistant poly tanks ensuring the highest possible quality.


action dust shot of camper on dirt road

Totally dust and water proof

We quality test each of our campers before we send them out to ensure they are 100% dust and water proof. We achieve this by utilising marine grade seals along with our innovative hatch design and our one piece bonded fibreglass panels. Our campers are then pressure tested to ensure nothing less than perfection has been attained ensuring our campers can overcome any conditions the Australian environment throws at them.


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