Durable Design

We prioritise durability in our designs by utilising state-of-the-art machinery. Our cutting-edge machines not only enable a robust design but also showcase advanced engineering and in-house precision, establishing a standard of excellence in both quality and innovation. Employing a CNC press-brake, we achieve precise sheet metal bending that adheres to the highest standards of accuracy and reliability. Our dedication to in-house precision extends to the manufacturing of advanced components, ensuring meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail at every step.

Designed to provide the ultimate balance between luxury and ruggedness

With superior engineering and attention to detail, Rhinomax have become established market leaders. Whether you’re an experienced camper or new to the adventure, our hybrid range is the ultimate choice for those seeking a unique camping experience.

In-House Precision

Our commitment to in-house precision extends to advanced component manufacturing, ensuring that every detail is meticulously crafted with expertise.

Advanced Engineering

Driving excellence with precision and expertise. Premium materials and expert engineering ensure they handle rough off-road journeys with ease.

Durable Design

Commitment to combining cutting-edge technology with local craftsmanship, providing customers with products of unparalleled quality and durability.

Lightweight body construction

Constructed from single one piece fiberglass composite body and roof panels this construction method offers enormous advantages. All our panels are custom made for each camper (not mass produced sheets) with various structural points inserted where required for strength. Walls and roof made from 30mm thick impact resistant panels with a high density closed cell foam core centre and no internal framing, they will not rot or go mouldy.
We use a specialised 16mm thick one piece fibreglass floor with a honeycombed matrix centre widely used in the boating industry for its superior strength. The honeycomb matrix gives the floor extra rigidity to ensure the structural integrity of the panels stays intact. The result is incredibly strong panels resistant to shear, impact and compression forces, superior water resistance due to the high density core and interlocking bonded corners making them resistant to water and moisture penetration as well as providing excellent insulation keeping the inside cool even on hot days. All this while remaining extremely lightweight and durable.


Rhinomax Campers are all equipped with a versatile water system for comfortable off-grid camping. Our water system features large storage tanks, mains connection, an energy-efficient hot water service, water-saving shower head/mixer taps, and the ability to harvest external water sources, extending your time off the grid.

Water storage

Balancing water storage and weight is crucial as each litre of water equals 1kg. In order to reduce the need for carrying excess water/weight Rhinomax uses smaller, baffled tanks (85L-125L) instead of single (200L-300L) tanks which provide better stability during travel and separate plumbing for individual filling options for each tank. Fill one tank for a weekend trip or all of them for longer stays where water is scarce.

External water harvesting

Extend your off-grid stays with an in-built external water draw feature allowing you to harvest water from sources like rivers, creeks, jerry cans, or buckets. Simply connect your hose to the camper’s creek draw connection point, turn on the pump, and enjoy clean water at your sink and shower outlets without tank contamination. Filtration options, like inline filters are available to remove any suspended solids and sediments.

Water saving outlets

Rhinomax Campers are equipped with durable chrome-plated brass sink mixer taps and efficient shower heads. The sink taps have a water-saving nozzle and 360-degree rotating spout for easy filling of water bottles & kettles. The shower system includes a quality mixer tap base unit and a shower head with power shower and trickle water flow options and an on/off button for water control enabling you to adjust your water consumption to suit your needs.

Efficient hot water

Rhinomax Campers are equipped with highly efficient hot water systems – Truma Ultra Rapid (gas) or Webasto (diesel) – for 24/7 hot water access with low energy consumption. These industry-leading heaters are built to handle harsh Australian conditions.

Efficient hot water

Rhinomax Campers are equipped with highly efficient hot water systems – Truma Ultra Rapid (gas) or Webasto (diesel) – for 24/7 hot water access with low energy consumption. These industry-leading heaters are built to handle harsh Australian conditions.

Mains connection

All our hybrids feature mains water connection through a dedicated water pressure regulator. Simply connect a hose, turn on the tap, and the regulator will reduce mains water pressure to a safe level for the campers onboard plumbing. Enjoy hassle-free access to mains water at caravan parks & campsites.

Internal Cabinetry

The cabinets are constructed from composite panels made from PVC material which are screwed and bonded together eliminating the need for any plywood or rivets. This method ensures consistency in strength and density and the material does not absorb water unlike timber. They feature soft close drawer runners and high gloss fascias. All our cabinetry is constructed in house and precision cut using our CNC machine.


Smart Design

The distinctive Rhinomax look sets itself apart from anything else out there. The aerodynamic front profile, sleek smooth sides, sharp clean lines & eco skeletal corner trims create a striking appearance and stand out from the crowd.
Lightweight and easy to tow with their reduced roof height, narrow body width and low centre of gravity, they are stable and sure footed on the highway and with a dependable chassis, high ground clearance and good departure angles they will handle the off road tracks with ease.
Designed with ease of use in mind Rhinomax Campers are quick and easy to set up, completely camp ready in under 10 minutes.
Large external entertainment areas, heaps of storage and a spacious luxurious interior, this really is glamping at the highest level. Your biggest problem – you won’t want to go home!

Completely built in Australia


Completely built within the walls of our two factories in Queensland by our team of experienced engineers and skilled crafts people using the highest quality componentry and materials.

Clear excellence

Driving excellence with precision and expertise

Top Australian suppliers

Made from premier raw materials from top Australian suppliers

Advanced Engineering

Cutting-edge technology and innovation

Smart design

Abundant storage and expansive outdoor entertainment areas

Best-in-class customer service

Commitment to providing an exceptional customer experience

In-House Precision

Advanced component manufacturing

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