Our Rhinomax owners are creating tribes in all Australian states and on completion of your customised build, we can organise delivery to you in your state!

Although we love to see our owners collect their campers and go through a face to face handover with one of our experienced team members, we realise that time doesn’t always permit this, so we work with you to organise delivery by road or sea.

Whether you’re in the heart of the outback, along the stunning coastlines, or nestled in the serene wilderness, we will work with you to get your camper to your destination or a practical collection point in your state.

The journey with Rhinomax, from placing an order to collecting or receiving your camper, is hassle free with our team here supporting your journey every step of the way so the only thing you have to do is contain your excitement until the day your own Rhinomax camper is ready just for you!