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Chemical free SOG toilet system now available on Defender

We are now offering the option of the chemical free SOG toilet Ventilation System in the Defender Hybrid.

The SOG Toilet Ventilation System is an ecological solution for motorhome and caravan toilets. It is 100% chemical free and 100% odorless. 

Giving greater flexibility when traveling around Australia as no requirement to use chemicals means you do not have to find a dump point and normal toilets can be used for emptying.

Additives are no longer necessary and optimal decomposition is guaranteed by the increased flow of oxygen.

The fast and powerful ventilator immediately removes odours by suction meaning no smells in the camper.

The ventilator is switched on as soon as the blade valve starts to open and is switched off again when the blade valve is closed. 

The fact that no smells can leave the waste holding tank is brought about by: as soon as the ventilator is switched on there is a suction effect in the waste holding tank which draws in fresh air through the blade valve. This downflow acts as a seal and prevents the qases and smells from rising. 

The fresh air that is drawn in removes the new odours in the toilet bowl when it is being used.  The decomposition process for sewerage and toilet paper is accelerated by the increased flow of oxygen so that no additional chemicals are required.  No special toilet paper is required, in fact ordinary toilet paper is recommended for use with this system. 

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