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Check out the latest Defender Hybrid review

Another great review for Rhinomax Campers from the industry experts.

Caravan Camping sales recently reviewed the Defender here is a snapshot of what they said.

Typical of Rhinomax, the Defender is a quality newcomer that does many things either better, or cheaper, than its main competition.

I’ve been a fan of the way that Rhinomax does things since I first reviewed the Discovery. Its expatriated British founders came together with different engineering backgrounds, but brought a fresh vision to the rapidly-expanding hybrid section of the off-road market.

Quick and easy set-up is the name of the game with the Defender: drop down the stabiliser legs, wind out the awning and slide out the kitchen. With its automatic push button roof opening you’ll be set up with a glass of wine in your hand in minutes.

With a preferable north-south queen size bed, comfortable four-seater lounge and large internal ensuite (toilet and shower) the Defender is sure to appeal to those wanting to experience the Outback without leaving the comforts of home behind.

The Defender combines a relatively light tare weight (1720kg) with a low-ball weight (120kg) to give one of the largest payloads (780kg) within the 15ft hybrid sector.

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