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With our Rolls Royce engineering credentials Rhinomax Campers are renowned for producing one of the strongest chassis in the industry regarded by many industry experts as the best and  all backed up by our industry leading 5 year warranty.

Riding on Cruisemaster suspension Australia’s best off road suspension system we are happy to announce this will now also be covered by a 5 year warranty giving you the peace of mind of extended warranty cover on two of the most crucial components of your camper.


Welcome to the Rhinomax engineering blog. As we develop new models and push the boundaries of the off road camper industry we are going to give you an insight into the way we work and how we achieve the results we can so consistantly.

With The Scorpion only just out of test and into production we already see one of the so called leaders trying to emulate our success. Hastily drawn “3D” images are a far cry from our tried and tested models.

The rushed introduction of new materials like laminate panels in the construction of campers is also something we have seen recently. Rhinomax only utilises the very best of technologies and has the training and experience to insure they work seamlessly in our designs. This is why we don’t need to attach metal plates to our beautiful panels in order to attach [...]

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As a member of Caravanning Queensland you can rest assured our products and workshops have been audited. Those of you who know us at Rhinomax will understand when we say quality and a true passion for customer service runs deep in our culture. Providing Engineering solutions for the Aerospace, Defence and Power generation industries are just some of our day to day activities. We adopt the same principles in our camper trailers.

This blog will introduce to you our techniques and provide updates on our latest engineering processes.

Be sure to check back.

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