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Rhinomax Campers will be unveiling the all-new 2017 Discovery MK2 at Melbourne Leisurefest 5th – 8th October

With a host on new features and extra equipment it will be sure not to disappoint.

New improved shower pod, power shower & external ensuite.

Redesigned internal layout which is more spacious & now includes a 4-seat lounge area

New improved seating & switch panel layouts

New external kitchen with extra bench space & storage drawers plus a huge deep pot/pan storage compartment

Extra external storage compartments

New front box layout including an insulated front tunnel boot compartment

Upgraded electrical system including Redarc BMS battery management system (lithium compatible) & incorporating a DC to DC charger.

Extra solar power, a huge 320-watt roof mounted

17inch alloy wheels now included as standard

If you would like further information or [...]

Another great review for Rhinomax Campers from the industry experts.

Caravan Camping sales recently reviewed the Defender here is a snapshot of what they said.

Typical of Rhinomax, the Defender is a quality newcomer that does many things either better, or cheaper, than its main competition.

I’ve been a fan of the way that Rhinomax does things since I first reviewed the Discovery. Its expatriated British founders came together with different engineering backgrounds, but brought a fresh vision to the rapidly-expanding hybrid section of the off-road market.

Quick and easy set-up is the name of the game with the Defender: drop down the stabiliser legs, wind out the awning and slide out the kitchen. With its automatic push button roof opening you’ll be set up with a glass of wine in your hand in minutes.

With a preferable north-south queen size bed, comfortable four-seater lounge and large [...]

With continual improvement being the name of the game at the Rhinomax, we have now introduced the next level of innovation across all models with improved features and items once regarded extra now standard fitment.

New user-friendly kitchen layout incorporating cleverly designed slide out fridge compartment with deep pots/pans storage area & large flip over bench.

New improved shower pod design which is larger with built in lighting and improved shower head.

New improved swing away rear spare wheel holder which now includes an easy option for twin spare wheels if required.

We are now offering the option of the chemical free SOG toilet Ventilation System in the Defender Hybrid.

The SOG Toilet Ventilation System is an ecological solution for motorhome and caravan toilets. It is 100% chemical free and 100% odorless. 

Giving greater flexibility when traveling around Australia as no requirement to use chemicals means you do not have to find a dump point and normal toilets can be used for emptying.

Additives are no longer necessary and optimal decomposition is guaranteed by the increased flow of oxygen.

The fast and powerful ventilator immediately removes odours by suction meaning no smells in the camper.

The ventilator is switched on as soon as the blade valve starts to open and is switched off again when the blade valve is closed. 

The fact that no smells [...]

The 15ft Defender hybrid now comes standard with a new improved revamped kitchen.

Complete with our cleverly designed extended fridge slide incorporating a huge pots & pan storage compartment with sliding top drawer, two large pantry drawers, a large utensil drawer, under sink storage compartment and huge fold over work-bench.

A great looking kitchen with heaps of storage and bench space all sliding out effortlessly from the side storage compartment.





Introducing the new Discovery Rapid 13ft hybrid, the latest exciting addition to the Rhinomax stable of off road campers.

Incorporating all the features of its bigger sibling the highly popular Discovery 14ft hybrid but with a reduced travel height and shorter body length.

The Rapid will appeal to those who love everything about the Discovery but have a limited amount of storage space or prefer towing a smaller unit.

With a tare weight of under 1600kg the Rapid is sure to be a big hit

For further information contact us today.

The new Rhinomax Defender Hybrid has arrived and promises to make a major impact on the premium hybrid camper sector.

Following on from the success of our 10ft Scorpion and 14ft Discovery hybrids the 15ft Defender will reset the benchmark and raise the bar in the premium hybrid sector.

Complete with a full size internal ensuite with shower & toilet, push button electric roof opening, expanding external kitchen, huge wind out awning and plenty [...]

Another great review from the industry experts for Rhinomax Campers.

Caravan Camping Sales have just reviewed the Scorpion and they loved it.

What they said –

New hard shell camper resets the parameters for micro hybrids.

The Rhinomax Scorpion is one of the biggest things in Australian camper trailers for years.

 Thoughtful design is an area where the Scorpion excels.

The Rhinomax Scorpion stands apart in this growing ultra-competitive market segment for its innovative design, combined with high quality construction and competitive price.

Read the full review at http://www.caravancampingsales.com.au/editorial/reviews/2017/rhinomax/rhinomax-scorpion-58477/

Read the latest review for the Discovery Hybrid in the June/July issue of Caravan + RV magazine, available in the newsagents now.

They were blown away with the engineering, build quality and finishing and rated it as the best they have seen.

What they said.

“I have never seen a hybrid camper engineered and executed to the standard of the Rhinomax Discovery”

“This hybrid has the smoothest finish I have ever seen. I look in every hatch and open every drawer on the hunt for an errant splash of sealant, some exposed particle board, uneven cabinetry or an untidy screw. I am lying on my back on the wet grass underneath the suspension when I finally admit defeat. There isn’t a single rough finish to be seen.”

“This is arguably the most polished camper on the market. It [...]

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